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Information Nights and Tours

Our Information Zoom Chats for Kinder 2023  will commence prior to the start of our very popular Ready for School Program for pre-schoolers which will begin in Term 3.

Information Zoom Chat run for approximately 15 mins and provides parents/carers with an opportunity to meet the Lewisham leadership team and ask questions about the school and the teaching and learning of kindergarten. 

Ready For School Program

Our Ready for School Program will be run over two days. 

Please note, these two visits will involve a recess break. Please send your child to school with a healthy snack and some water.  

As numbers for 2023 are growing rapidly, parents wishing to register their child for the  Ready for School  program may do so online (watch this space for the link) but we MUST have received an Expression of Interest and/or Enrolment Form required to participate in the program. 

For enquiries in the meantime please contact the school office 8.15am-3.15pm. 

Please be advised to contact us as early as possible with regard to your enrolment enquiry.  


Ready for School

  • Ready for School (now in its twelfth successful year) is the popular & innovative program for pre-schoolers that begins each year in June. It is a school-based initiative which is voluntary but highly recommended because of its proven success for kids & families as they transition to school.  
  • For it to be most effective for your child, his or her participation for the full program of visits is highly recommended in the year before Kindergarten. Go to the separate tab at left to register when these dates are released. 
  • School enrolment forms may be lodged at any time during the year prior to starting school - but are requested on registration into the Ready for School program so that the school can plan ahead 
  • As our numbers are expanding, a voluntary donation is appreciated on registration into the Ready for School program. This is due to its high quality operational costs & the range of activities, staffing & personalised resources customised for each child.  Families experiencing financial difficulties are supported in the program. Please discuss your needs on registration.

 Expression of Interest to Enrol

  • If you are considering enrolment with us, you may contact us as soon as you wish but it is recommended at least one year prior to the year of intended enrolment. This allows us to plan ahead, place you on our database as a local or non-local enquiry & keep in touch with you.
  • For 2023 local & non-local enquiries are welcome, but priority order of offer of a placement is given first to children residing in the local catchment area of the school (see map); then siblings of students already enrolled with us; and then case by case applications, supported by a documented claim for enrolment, pending vacancies.
  • Additional criteria may apply for non-local enrolments from 2022, pending the current rapid growth of our immediate local community & the availability of places.
  • It is advised you register an expression of interest early and await information to confirm a placement closer to the date of enrolment. 
  • At present, while the school is experiencing growth, rounds of offers for Kindergarten and across the school, are made according to the school's enrolment policy, the applicant's residential address, family details, documentation received and genuine level of commitment or claim to enrol, on a case by case basis, pending vacancies for a particular year.
  • We request that parents lodge both an Expression of Interest and Enrolment Form by email or in person.

Expression of interest form (PDF - 428KB)

Enrolment Offers

Enrolment offers for 2023 will be made throughout the Ready for Kinder Program, with places confirmed as soon as the school is able to. Families on waiting lists are encouraged to keep in touch with the school during this time. Waiting lists through to 2023 have now opened due to the recent and anticipated growth of our school and its expanded catchment area. For further enquiries please phone the school on 9569 4536 during office hours or email us: lewisham-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au.