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Welcome to our sponsorship page. Individuals, businesses and organisations are gratefully thanked and acknowledged here for their recent sponsorship of a school program, event or other initiative.

Contact the school for guidelines on how you can get involved in sponsorship initiatives at our school.

Past campaigns

Through the generous donations of these individuals and businesses, the school will have an increased collection of laptop computers and related classroom technology. The Lewisham Public School community thanks you.


  • Catherine and Guy Beal     
  • Chris and Leigh Bennett    
  • Michael Bourchier    
  • Sandra Broadfoot
  • Jan Christensen    
  • Michael Crosby    
  • Meg Doherty    
  • Elizabeth Hall       
  • Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg
  • Guy Hartcher      
  • Stephen Jauncey     
  • Patrick and Nikki Kelso     
  • Denise van der Hoeven     
  • Nola Logan
  • Melissa Maclean    
  • Ian Maclean      
  • Clare Monangle      
  • Sean Marshall and Lea Redfern      
  • George Palmer
  • Linda Perrine     
  • Lorena Rasmussen      
  • Chris and Barbara Savage     
  • Michael Thomas    
  • Kerry and Ray Thomas
  • Frank and Margaret White


  • Flour Mill of Summer Hill EG Funds Management    
  • Little Monsters Swim School, Ashfield
  • Dulwich Hill Chiropractic and Therapeutic Centre        
  • The Drugstore Espresso Bar Summer Hill
  • Mancini's Trattoria Summer Hill          
  • Corban and Blair, Lewisham