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Blogs and messages

Lewisham utilises the Class Dojo platform for its blogs & messages service. Other uses of the platform are also being trialled. This allows short, sharp messages to be distributed and provides easy access, visual & manageable ways for teachers to showcase everyday learning to parents & families.

There are school protocols attached to use of the platform. Passwords are issued to users. Parents or carers of students at our school can access the account through your child's class teacher who will issue you a protected password. Teachers post at least once a week to update families on class or program news, special features or events, learning samples or images. A quick message service can also be used by parents. (For longer messages, please use phone or email)

Our Principal, Ms Davis also posts on a regular basis & interacts with classes on-line.

Please visit us in this protected on-line environment. 

Class Blogs through the Department's Blog Ed server, are also used by learners for in-school purposes.

Contact Ms Angie Kairouz, Leader-Technology in Learning at our school, for more information.